How Time Flies

This abnormally warm weather brought back memories of the hottest days I have ever experienced. Suits are dapper; though not ideal in 100-degree weather.

Some of my first professional work was with the welcoming and devoted team at WKYC in Cleveland, Ohio. An internship required for my degree, I choose the NBC affiliate I grew up watching.

I remember writing to an anchor at the station when I first became interested in broadcast. At 16, an email to Scott Newell, now a regular reporter at the Weather Channel and freelancer with many of today’s top broadcasters, provided my first window into the world of visual storytelling.

While at WKYC, I had the privilege of working with dedicated and supportive reporters. Monica Robbins instantly comes to mind, playing an integral role in my involvement at the station. I use her advice to tell - not read - stories on a daily basis.

I have to thank Monica for the idea to involve me the way she did at the station. She found my work ethic and eagerness to learn refreshing, while I admired her gumption and expertise.