Access Denied: Continuing the battle for equal access to Dayton's RTA

The elderly and people with disabilities make up a considerable part of RTA's ridership. The groups accounted for 1 in every 10 rides the transit system sold in 2011.

People with disabilities and the elderly account for over 1 in every 10 rides the Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority provided in 2012. While covering a 274 square-mile area, the system working to provide reliable, accessible transportation, now faces an access problem of it's own. 

The RTA Stop at the Dayton Mall sits over 500 feet from the mall's south entrance. A far walk for anyone with a disability or of older age. The stop's inconvenient placement has garnered media attention in the past - but remains unchanged. 

Now, a local group in Dayton is legally challenging the mall manager to move the stop closer to the entrance.

But that isn't all they hope to accomplish. Please, read my investigative piece into how LEAD - Leaders for Equality and Action in Dayton - is working to make a simple trip to the mall possible for everyone.