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Polen Farm in the Dayton, Ohio suburb of Kettering is a public area frequently used for weddings and other social events. The land White Oak Farm sits on was awarded to John Bigger Sr. for his service in the Revolutionary war. His grandson built the farmhouse and barn in 1854. In 1979 it was bequeathed to the city of Kettering by owner, Russell V. Polen.

Hello again!

First and foremost, welcome to the newly redesigned www.jwiedle.com. The cohesive layout showcases my reporting in Dayton and serves as a central location for my professional online presence.  Professional, however, should not be confused with impersonal. I make the distinction to highlight my goals for this website.

In my opinion, the best reporting is a conversation – a relationship – between journalist and audience. jwiedle.com is styled in an effort to build that connection. On this website I hope to share my experiences not only as a reporter, but as a Daytonian.

Dayton is rich in culture and activity, more so, I would argue, than any of Ohio’s larger metropolitan areas. This rust belt city is taking on new life; with no place to go but up. Dayton is ushering in change with an influx of young professionals, a robust artistic environment, and a desire among its people to transition from a manufacturing past to a bustling service-based economy. jwiedle.com is where my exploration of, integration into, and work within this city, will be shared.

Please, stay tuned for my new-eyed perspective of this great place.