Which Came First: The Chicken or The Law?

In the four months since beginning my freelance endeavor with the Dayton City Paper, our relationship has grown rapidly. The story featured here is proof. When I first contacted the paper’s editor, Sarah Sidlow, I had only a few ideas in mind as to what I might be capable of doing. The first meeting in Dayton with both Sarah and Paul Noah, the paper’s publisher, soon evolved into a brainstorming session regarding the creation of an entirely new division at the paper; video.

Video is where I knew I wanted to start in terms of freelancing. Yet I failed to realize the many ways in which my knowledge of video production and storytelling could benefit a publication lacking any type of video content. Since, my skill set has increased tenfold. I’m now working with programs and editing in ways that only freelance can provide the creative mindset and time for. Many other ideas are in the works for how we at Dayton City Paper can expand integration of video content. But, in the meantime I enjoy reporting stories like this.

Sarah McBride and her feathery friends were the talk of the newsroom shortly before I arrived at the city paper. On the day of our first meeting in September Sarah mentioned it might be an interesting story both verbally and visually.  I took on the story that day and was completely unaware of how involved it would become. Chicken keeping, as it turns out, never goes - wait for it - over easy.