Happy Sunday!


Greetings from Kettering! I hope this post finds readers well, and if living in the Miami Valley, prepared for the snow showers heading this way tonight. I don't mind winter - I simply wish it would stay consistent.

Personally, January has been a quiet month. I have been bouncing between two projects nearing their final stages. One will be featured as a cover story in an upcoming issue of the Dayton City Paper, while the other is an investigative feature/short documentary hybrid. 

Seeing as I cannot share either at the moment, this post contains an op-ed I authored back in 2013 for the Cincinnati Enquirer. The piece recounts my experiences while accompanying a friend to better understand the homeless community in Downtown Cincinnati. It came to mind last week while I was researching Dayton area homeless shelters. What I experienced that night profoundly changed my view of what it means to be poor. To truly be without. Now in Dayton, I am exploring opportunities to work with its homeless community. 

The upcoming stories I mentioned above will be on this blog soon. Please, check back soon to see more.