Hauntfest Descends on Oregon District

Halloween may have come and gone, however, I wanted to share this, as I never got around to doing so late last month. The Oregon District in Downtown Dayton played host to Hauntfest last month, which celebrated 29 years  in Dayton. The Oregon District Business Association sponsored the event once again with a classic movie monster theme in mind. Cleopatra and Mary Poppins, among others, spoke with me for the city paper video above.  

The amount of effort put in to some of the costumes was truly astounding. Some said they design their outfits specifically for the event. Frankenstein, who is briefly featured in the footage above, showed remarkable creativity; wearing a costume complete with lights and intricate detail on a larger-than-life scale. 

Once fall sets in, Dayton and the surrounding Miami Valley become a busy place for the remainder of the year. With multiple events every weekend, Hauntfest stands out among the rest as particularly, spooktacular.