Dayton Music Fest: 10 Years of Local Musical Talent

Original music is not a new concept in Dayton, Ohio. This area of the Buckeye State has a history of producing great music since the 1950's bluegrass era. The Dayton Music Fest began ten years ago with a vision to showcase the city's heritage in local musical talent. The music festival has stayed true to this mission every year with 2014's event being no different.

29 different bands were featured this year at 6 different locations throughout Dayton. I caught acts at Eastwood Metropark and in the Oregon District at the Trolley Stop for the City Paper. New bands are featured every year, and others from past years go on to find success elsewhere. The successful nearly always return - recognizing the importance and drive behind Music Fest. Dayton is said to have always possessed an entrepreneurial spirit that even I feel has evoked me at times since arriving here. That same spirit can be heard in the region's homemade music.